The history of forensic science dates back thousands of years to the ancient Chinese who used fingerprints to identify documents. Sir Edward Henry, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police of London, developed his own system in 1896, and the Henry Classification System became the standard for criminal fingerprinting techniques worldwide.

From the ancient Chinese to the present, forensic science has expanded greatly. Today's forensic scientists have a great wealth of technological advancements and the range of specialty areas has expanded. Join us at the 2014 Colloquium where we'll delve deeply into the line where hunches and true science intermingle.


From its downtown core to the outlying areas, Boston is a city with something for everyone: history and high technology, academic excellence and neighborhood ethnicity, financial prominence and sports enthusiasm, scientific achievements and a thrilling cultural scene.


The program for the Mensa Foundation's 2014 Colloquium: Crime Scene Intelligence will fully examine the real world of fingerprints and forensic psychology, of computers and crime scenes, and beyond featuring:

  • Forensic anthropologist and author KATHY REICHS
  • Forensic scientist and mitochondrial genome researcher RHONDA ROBY
  • Clinical psychologist JEFF KIELISZEWSKI
  • Forensic Toxicology expert ASHRAF MOZAYANI
  • Forensics artist HARVEY PRATT
  • The Foundation

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      MAR 2014
      Leading forensics scientist added to lineup.

      The Mensa Education & Research Foundation is excited to announce that Rhonda Roby, a leading forensic scientist and mitochondrial genome researcher, will speak at the 2014 Colloquium in Boston.

    • 10
      OCT 2013
      Acclaimed author/anthropologist to speak.

      The Mensa Education & Research Foundation is thrilled to announce that acclaimed forensic anthropologist and best-selling author Kathy Reichs will speak at the 2014 Colloquium in Boston.

    Forensic science has come a long way since the fictional days of Sherlock Holmes. The Mensa Foundation's 2014 Colloquium: Crime Scene Intelligence takes you from crime site to cop shop to research room, with a look at how it all plays out in books, movies and television.

    Grab your lab coat and join us July 1, 2014, in Boston as we analyze the world of forensic science, from fingerprints to forensic psychology, from computers to crime scenes and beyond.

    Colloquium annually provides Mensans and the public alike with the opportunity to gather with industry experts, noted authors and scientists to take an intense look at socially relevant topics. Past colloquiums have examined the arts, gifted children, biosafety, humor, video gaming and climate change.

    Hear from past attendees...

    These presentations made me realize what a deep human need the RPGs and MMOs are filling  — they are actually necessary because of our fragmented and isolated lifestyles.